Thursday, September 09, 2010

ps. check it.

I'm pretty stoked about the new design i put up today.  I feel like it's much more professional and clean cut. I wanted to incorporate a back ground but after i made the new header i decided that a background is for sure not needed.   While i was at updating i also added a new visitor counter.  With all the hits i was getting i wanted to know how many were repeat readers.  In the past day and half i have had 45 new guests... no wonder my count keeps going up.   I'm just not sure what i have to say that you all find so intriguing.   I mean i always just thought this was more of a inspiration and vent board... lol.   Who ever finds my life so exciting, i'm flattered.

You know, i suppose once in a while in life my heart aches... i suppose some sick mind enjoys reading about that.  I'm going to choose to think that it's some soul that can relate to the pain, but from some of the responses i've gotten, i know that the truth is that people enjoy reading about my pain and then blowing it out of proportion to cause drama.  While we can all get pulled into it sometimes when it involves the ones we love, i generally like to nip drama in the butt.  Hint the "screw you" attitude.   I feel like i have a right to think what i want and say what i want and if people don't like it than i don't really care.   I will probably continue telling myself that people like the designs and the inspirations . . . it makes me feel more like i have something to say and less like i have more than one stalker (because i've defently had more than my share of those in life)

Back to point and topic:  I'm pretty stoked about the new web design.

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