Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Flikr finds:Tattoo #3

I'm really considering getting another ink. My only problem is that i can't think of something origonal. I would like to get a tattoo for every child i have. The one i'm most drawn to is a star. I'm sure i don't need to explain how a star could represent a child very well, especially a lost child. It would also be easy to get more with every child and it not look added on. My biggest and really my only problem with stars is that EVERYONE has a star tattoo. I suppose it would be ok if i could come up with an origional location. I suppose i will keep searching for something origional. Another idea was to get the star sign. I'm not really a believer of "signs" and all, but it is a great way to represent a child. With that said, i suppose i could just get a date tattooed on:


I suppose that would be simple. It would match the rest of my tattoos and it would defently be origional. It would also fit on just about any location without looking abandoned or lonely. It would also be easy to add another date under it when the next child comes.

I think i actually like that idea A LOT. I really liked the stars, but couldn't get over the un-orionality of them. This would be awesome.  Now i just have to figure out where i can put it that will look good and still be origional :)

I think i like the bottom left location, but i really like all of these. I'll probably avoid the wrist just because it is harder to hide, but outside of that one these are all high on my list of options.

 oooh... just found a couple more that are pretty close to exactly where i will probably end up:

If you can't tell already, This blog was DEFENTLY more of a brainstorming blog. Sorry if i'm jumping all over the place. I know this one isnt very well written, hopefully it's not too boring. lol

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