Sunday, September 12, 2010

One real BA bitch.

To start with - a) sry for the profanity, but life sucks and b) I mean: look up bitch and it means F***ing awesome.

and with no further adoo:

I would like to give a shout out to April Blessing who i really think freaking rocks.... no sarcasm.  I really really think that is one tough woman.  I suppose this entry isn't going to be really exciting but I just really wanted to put it out there that she is pretty awesome.  She's one of those women that takes shit and dealt with it like a man. (man meaning BA, not meaning douche)

I almost wish that life was a little different right now just because if i'd met April under any other circumstance i think i would really like her a lot.  I still like her because she doesn't put up with shit.  If she has a problem she'll put it out there and then she will give you a chance to talk.  I don't think i've ever met a girl with a better oportunity to hate me and then kill me.... and yet she is a real woman about it.   She has dealt with shit like women should, with respect.   Self respect and respect for other people will get you a long way in my brain.... not that she needs my approval, but she for sure has it.

Anyway.... like i said, this entry probably isn't real exciting but she deserves the shout out.

P.s.   note to April = i really do think you're a pretty awesome person.

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