Friday, September 17, 2010

Taxes anyone?

I think Taxes are dumb... I don't really ever to desire to be rich cause then the government is just going to try and keep it.  Right now i can get government money if i want to and they don't take much of my paychecks.  I'm not really sure why they are handing out money and i'm not sure why thy don't tax me cause i don't really need their money (i survive just fine without it) but if i can just not make more money than i can take their money when i want it.  
All these people who work hard to make more money . . . i'm not sure why.  If they would just stop working so hard they end up with the same money..... if i make 100 dollars and dont lose but 5 dollars to the government = $95 to keep.   If i work twice as hard and make 200 dollars the government is going to take $95 cause i'm in the next income bracket = $105 to keep.  So why would i work twice as hard to just make 10 more dollars?  That would be silly on my part.
why don't they just take 10% from everyone?  If you don't make but 1 dollar you will only give 10 cents..... if you make $100 you only give $10 . .  That's what i think and i think they should listen to me :)

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