Sunday, October 24, 2010

Unofficial Halloween 2010

Antoine dodson meets Poison Ivy.  ps.  too bad you can't really see the glitter that i'm COVERD in
This weekend was an awesome success. My costume was a complete hit. I got a 50 dollar gift card to jimmy john’s from stix. I’m not sure if it was just cause I’m that awesome or because I had a ba costume or maybe both. It was supposed to be for the contest on sat, but the manager gave it to me on Friday. It was defently way too scandaless but it was so epic that it didn’t really matter. I hung out with Sara from work on fri and michelle on sat. they both had adorable costumes. There were actually a lot of awesome creative costumes. I was quite impressed. Even without the amazing costumes, my nights were very good. I did drink, but my evenings were not drunken at all which is the best drinking. To top it all off there were good friends. I didn’t really hang out with any of my good friends, but I did hang out with many new friends which is sometimes the best company. Overall, the weekend was a success and I enjoyed it. I also came out of it with a cool costume and an awesome holiday shirt : ) I’m stoked. Good weekend.

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