Wednesday, October 20, 2010

here comes halloween

Halloween costumes are a funny thing. Every one of them are overpriced, cheap, overused characters. It’s taken me a while to figure out what I actually want to be. First I wanted to be BA but then realized that it’s not much different from my regular attire. Then I wanted to be Tank girl but I realized that outfit isn’t that hot unless I can find a camo bra. Then I realzed: we’ve had a dozen people, at least, come into party city looking for a poision ivy costume. Most girls will not make their costume if they can’t find it and I know that there are not very many ivy costumes floating around….. I want to be something origional and I don’t mind making one, so I am going to be ivy. I bought some ivy today and glued the leaves to a black bra I have that I don’t really ever wear. We have green tights at work that I’m gonna pick up. I don’t know what I’m going to do for bottoms… I might wear a black pair of boy shorts if I can’t find anything green but I don’t think it would look near as good. They do have green volleyball shorts at dicks but they’re 24 bucks and I don’t know that it’s worth that. . . now all I really need is glitter and MAYBE a green mask. I know we have both of those at Party city. I’m pretty stoked. It’s a quite scandless costume, but at least that is part of the costume and not something I’ve made it into. I’m going to be showing way to much skin, but I don’t really mind too much anymore….. I lost all of my morals when I lost everything that makes up my life. Either way – it’s going to be origional and still look awesome. I’m pretty excited about that. I think the key will be GLITTER. : ) and since I love that too I’ll be good. Hopefully I can pull this off with out looking too trampy.

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