Saturday, October 16, 2010

painting my front door.

The Carpets are matted with years of use and abuse by past college residents. The floorboards creek with the stress of my wait and the living room is slanted towards the middle of the room. Character of the last occupant shows through the layer of paint on the door and I’m not really sure what they were attempting to paint over. The other attempt to d├ęcor scars the walls in the form of many many little holes that have been left long after the nails have been removed. The shower consist of 3 plastics walls that have been cocked together. It’s perfect. It’s just what my creative edge has been screaming for. I love it. It’s nothing that a little bit of artistic withdraw will not fix. A few curtains will dress the windows and the walls are nothing that a few pictures will not distract from. An area rug will camoflage the slanting floors and over used carpet. The kitchen will be a castle after a few Christmas lights kiss the window and with a vanity and a paper lantern the size of the bed room will be better defined better as modest and less as cramped. The biggest challege is going to be the front porch which hangs on the house as a blank canvas. Laying on top of a white painted foundation and remaining as a skeleton with a few 2x4s making up the frame fencing, the porch is going to be the hardest task. Winter coming, planting is not really an option to soften the hard border between the porch and the yard. A hammok would make the porch a place to be a bit more welcomed to, but the cold white bricks would still need something to befriend. The back yard is nearly the size of a large living room but the trees bordering it keep it from the coldness that the front yard holds on to. It’s an old house, but it is a beautiful challenge and I like it. I think I’ll call it mine.

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