Sunday, October 24, 2010

love and hate....

I’ve been receiving an increased amount of feedback and to those of you that have emailed or texted, thankyou. The house I’ve just moved to does not have internet yet and so I have been slacking on my updates, but I think this week I will go to the effort to get to connected because I enjoy your feedback a lot.

I look at my life and I know that I am not a very exciting person. However, for some reason, there are many people who seem to disagree and that is very flattering to me. I’m not sure what I’ve done or what I write that is so entertaining to people, but it seems that there is something that catches people’s eye.

Every time I get a message I appritiate it.. even the negative feedback means something to me. I enjoy hearing that someone agrees or in the case of disagreeing – that they have read my posts and actually thought about them. When someone disagrees with my opinion it means that my opinion has given them something to think about and that is just as flattering as when they agree with me.

What is not flattering is when people read my post and it does not invoke thought or opinions or interest, Such as a comment I received the other day. I wrote a post that mentioned loosing my baby. Someone was ignorant enough to comment without knowing a thing about the situation. Their comment was clearly written in ignorance. With a goal of insulting me, they only made them selves look dumb. Their statement was that God took the baby because I would be a bad mother. I know that I do not always make the best decisions and I know that not everyone loves me, but for the most part, I treat people with respect which means that who ever wrote this clearly hates me (probably out of ignorance) and has clearly never met me. . . . Whoever wrote it in insult actually gives me satisfaction in their ignorance. (This is not necessarily a good thing as I know I should be humble, but I think it’s only a natural reaction.) I’ve written on this before, but in my time since then I’ve lost even more humility in their statement. They are obviously ignorant to write something like that in such blindness. They clearly know nothing of the situation or they would know that I would not have been the mother of that child. Also, They clearly don’t know me or the god that they wrote of or they would know that God and I are close and such a comment would not be taken to heart.
* The one thing that does make even this comment flattering is that now I know another stranger is reading this blog…… and why a complete stranger would read this and take the time to comment I have no idea. Despite the fact that they are clearly ignorant, I still find it slightly intriguing that they find me intriguing at all.
Before I had time to think about that comment I thought I knew who had written it and I did mention it in a post, I suppose I might possibly owe her an apology for assuming such a thing.

I look forward to continued feedback and want you that follow regularly to know that I appreciate your support and hope you will also continue to leave feedback. Those of you that have left criticism, I appreciate the respect you’ve given in using email. Know that I don’t mind respectful criticism in my comments and I enjoy hearing what I could do better and also what you disagree with or agree with… It gives me something to think about and I enjoy being given a different perspective on things.

I’m still not sure why anyone finds me interesting enough to follow, but I am honored that you would spend time doing so. Feel free to follow me on Twitter for smaller doses and on the spot thoughts. The name is Beemoawesome. Also, as always, emails are still appreciated at

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