Friday, October 29, 2010

start of the holidays.

2 days until Halloween.  I’m pretty excited.   Last year, Will and I ended up driving around Murphysboro handing out candy after no one came by.  I think this year will probably end up very similar.  I am also excited because this means that most of the people I don’t really care for at work will no longer be in my daily dealings (since seasonal workers’ last day is Halloween)  The downfall:  I’m sure there will be someone that I do like that will also be getting the same boot (not anyone inparticular, just that I’m sure I’ll like some of the people that are seasonal)  hopefully no one too cool.

I haven’t yet decided whether or not I’m going to dress up, or what I would be.   I was Wilma today and the outfit was actually really super cute.  I might be a Wilma but I think a witch or vampire would be too cute just because it’s so cliché with the holiday.

Speaking of holidays,  Egg nog is now in season : )  that makes me beyond happy.  It is one of the main things I look forward to with the holidays, if not the only thing I REALLY  look forward to.    It is like liquid heaven. 

While I do love the holidays,  I HATE the cold.   I really really need to get a car and I should call April’s friend because she is selling a car fairly cheap and it’s a nice car (or at least from what April tells me)  This motorcycle is just not made for winter and while I’ve survived 2 winters on it, I really don’t care to go through another winter without a real car. 

Holidays here I come : )  hot cocoa, big fire places, and a handsome man is all I really need to get me through the winter.  

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