Thursday, October 21, 2010

let's fight

I got in my first fight last night. I was hanging out with my friend Sara. We went to stix and had a grand time. After close we headed over to her place. One of the guys that was with us had a horrid attitude but I just brushed it off. Even when he decided that he wanted to wrestle and was a total jerk about it, I brushed it off…. (though I do like to think that I held my own very well) When he finally let me go we headed up to Sara’s apt. I made a quick pit stop to the powder room and came back out in the living room to Sara and him both on their feet and standing off. I stepped in front of my petite 5 ft friend just in case they were trying to fight but i didn’t say or do anything…. I didn’t really even have a serious face on. It didn’t take but a moment and this nicely sized dude flinched towards us. It was over. I wasn’t going to wait to see if I could hold him back or if he was actually lunging to fight. I was on top of him in the matter of a second. Appearently Sara was only a blink behind me because when we had him backed against the wall I noticed sara laying on the floor under us.
This is my first fight but I was going for the kill. When we wrestled I played nice despite his unsportsmanly conduct but when I stood to block Sara I wasn’t take a chance to allow him to get to her and I went for the face. He should be glad there were people there to stop it because I wouldn’t have minded taking out his testicles if that is what the fight had gone to.
It really wasn’t too grand of a straight fight, but it was close enough for me to claim it as an experience….. but really, what kind of guy goes after a little petite girl? He would have killed Sara with one punch. He should be proud – he fought 2 girls last night. What a jerk. The great thing is that he didn’t really win either.

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