Friday, October 15, 2010

no apology here.

I read a post the other day at inkrebels about blogging and one of the points was to stop apologizing. I’m not big on saying sorry…. I just don’t really care if people are offended by something I write. This is my blog about my feelings and inspirations and experiences and life in general. I will write what I want and I think people that don’t like it should just stay away from it. If I hurt someone than things are a little different, but if they’re just offended then they should toughen up. This has always been my output and I’ve written many a times about my passionate expression. I can’t say I haven’t caused any upturns or offended prides because of this blog, but I don’t really care. I don’t go around burning people and so I’ve done nothing that should offend people. If someone disagrees with my opinion it should only strengthen what they already believe. As for talking about people….. well the first sentence started out talking about someone – the writer of inkrebels. . . It’s something you can’t avoid if you talk about anything at all. I try to avoid bashing anyone too hard directly but I do have day to day experience and sometime I like to share with you, my readers, about my life experiences. If someone doesn’t care for the world to know something (outside of my intimate life) than they shouldn’t say it. There are some exceptions (such as other people’s intimate life that they share with me in confidence) but out side of intimacy or personal secrets I am an open book – I’ve always taken pride in that. So within my own life, people shouldn’t expect me to avoid the experiences, that they’ve brought into my life, as a topic here. I will not apologize for that.

Moving on from apologies….i am sorry for…. No I’m jk. I’m not really.

Ps. My next big project is a design piece (no surprise there. Lol) but this time I am really put some time and effort to make it good as it’s going to be the basis for the portfolio. If you have any suggestions or requests let me know because I’m really not sure where I’m going to start with the inspiration of this one.

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