On this festive day i have no real theme to the post so i decided to browse through some blogs that i like and look at their blog rolls.   I found several blogs that i love and some awesome cute photos:

the designer pad  which i believe has a wicked layout.
To start:  This would be an absolute adorable abode.  Maybe a little small, but i could totally deal with that for this beauty.

design to inspire
Next on the inspiration:  I now have a real yard and it's pretty boring.  This coming spring i am going to deck it out, now i just have to find my green thumb and start some digging :)  maybe sunflowers and lots of crazy vines..... oh and some christmas lights.

design sponge
Keeping the date:  an awesome calendar that i would love to have hanging on my wall.  Defently rocking style outside of your average calendar.

brown botton
This will be my next cake.  It looks so simple and elegant.... and then you slice it and it's amazing fun :)  It makes me want to go jump water puddles.

another blog i checked out that has a pretty rocking about me page:   The painted house

ps.  one last thing before i close out this years halloween:  There was an awesome peacock dress that was returned to party city the other day because the girl that ordered off our website ordered it too small.... after ringing it up = 200 dollars!   Me and my co workers were dumb founded, but it gets better. When i went out for unofficial i saw not one but TWO girls wearing that dress out at the bar...  who spends 200 dollars on a one night costume to wear to the BAR.  Now i'm not even talking about a club or a classy bar..... im talking about a trashy bar in small southern il. ... now that is what i call crazy!


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