Wednesday, October 20, 2010

an opening for creativity.

Today at work, I was informed that I am very creative and asked if I majored in art or design….. it was the most flattering comment someone could ever make. I love design. I love art. I wish there was more I could do with it in southern il. It wasn’t even anything very creative that led to it…. Some guy was trying to be roger rabbit – the trix dude – and I was giving him ideas for yellow gloves and a a shirt… ect. But everyone seemed to think my ideas were just brilliant. I love it when I can just do what I love and it comes out as brilliant.

Speaking of creativity: I made some more buissness cards today at work and they turned out BEAUTIFULLY. This job is really coming along wonderfully. I’ve had several orders and they’ve all turned out very smoothly.

So basicly: I really just down right love creativity just like i like open-mindedness . . . maybe they go hand in hand :)

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