Sunday, October 03, 2010

pull out a beer, im off work.

Since i've started working i've had no time to hang out with my friends.  At least i've been making some money, but now i'm ready to get back with my friends.  My schedule is finally starting to calm down so that i can fit other things into my life.  However, this past couple days have been a little rough.   My father is in the hospital from an infection, caused by the biopsy he recently had.   Yesterday i spent an hour trying to light the pilot on my hot water heater only to realize that the gas may not have been turned on yet.  I was so gross i really needed that shower. 

I think i'm finally going to have time to fix my new house (which is completely a blank canvas).  The floors need some new carpet but i think i can make them presentable with area rugs.  The walls are wood paneling which means i can't do much to them, but i'm not sure i would want to.  The biggest work is going to be in the bathroom where the floors are weak, the wall paneling is sketchy and the shelving is defently home made.  I doubt any of the work is very difficult and i'm stoked to get to work.  

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