Thursday, October 07, 2010

beer brewing

Ps.  i'm pretty stoked.   Night before last i finally brewed some home made beer.

Ben H appearently does this quite often and allowed me to assist this time.  It really isn't a very difficult process if you know what you're doing (which he seems to)  I'm excited just to be able to say that i brewed beer :)  It's something every college kid should do just as part of the drinking experience, but i don't think very many people actually ever attempt it.   It's just another thing i can say i've done.... speaking of, sky diving is still on my list.  Hopefully my friends will follow through and let me go with them sometime when they go.  

At least i can say i've brewed beer.  Now we just have to let it sit for a couple weeks to ferment and then we will see how it turned out.  . . . 

Cheers to good beer and good friends.

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