A new muse

With everything new, comes an fresh excitement.  With our new baby, i have renewed excitement, photography.  Just as my blogging ebs in and out, so does my photography.  Except my relationship with photography has been on the outs for quite some time.  Now, I want to record every breathing second with our new baby.  She is so beautiful and captivating.  Every moment i never know what to expect.  Even in the midst of frustration, i find myself wanting to store away her facial expression and achievements.  Auna is now my new muse.

I've tried to keep most of my baby posts separate.  They are over on my baby blog. I'm not sure how separate it will stay now that she has become my muse to everything i do.  Every project i do seems to focus around her.  My home decor, my sewing, my photography, she is my new focus to all of it.


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