Sunday, May 24, 2015

Project Violin

I don't even know how long i've been searching for a cheap violin that i could take apart and paint.  Even walmart violins are $100+.

Today, i didn't find violins, but i did find violas and that is pretty darn close.  I still have to pick them up, but i am stoked to start my art projects : )

I'm def. no professional, but i still love these ideas:

Random Google result without accurate link:


I like the first one the most, but i think the bottom one is the most realistic.  If i could manage to take it all apart without the spoke inside falling down, i will do the top one.  I am pretty sure the spoke will fall down as soon as i take the bridge off in which case the bottom bight be the most realist goal. However, I like how the individual pieces are also painted in the middle photo.  I might just do a combination of all three.  Either way, i am STOKED!

I also want to come up with a creative substitute for the pegs that hold the strings taunt.  I want to use the original pegs for earings and something a little more creative for the project ... I don't know if i'll come up with anything or not, but that is my goal.

Bee Mo : )

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