Thursday, May 21, 2015


Patrick and i started our vacation, last week, with a Flight out of Kansas City.  we arrived 3 hours early and was there before the front desk was even open.  While we were waiting, we stopped a TSA agent (in TSA attire) to figure out where to pack the Zippo lighter i had bought him for a wedding gift.  The agent told us that checked luggage is the place for it.

when we arrived at Carnival, we opened our luggage only to discover his lighter had been confiscated.  After calling TSA and DELTA, i have yet to receive an apology for the incorrect information or an effort to fix the problem.  So, because TSA gave us wrong information and then that same company confiscated what they said they wouldn't, i am now on the hunt for another lighter and dishing out quite a chunk to get a new one engraved.

I've never been a fan of TSA and they continue to stand up to my standards of laziness, inconvenience,  unintelligent, and uselessness.
But it gets better... as awesome as TSA is and has always been:

I've always had a stand against the body scanners due their original graphic intrusion on privacy.  On our first flight, i opt'ed out due to my safety concerns for unborn Auna combined with my previous stand.   The TSA lady asked me if i had any areas that were tender or sensitive.  Looking back, i should have told her "i'm pregnant, would you care to rephrase that question" instead i told her "i'm pregnant, my boobs are especially tender"  She didn't find it funny...  but i did get a gimps at the scanners that are now used and realized that they are not intrusive or overly revealing.

On our flight back, after talking to patrick about the waves they use, i decided to give it a try.
As i stepped into the scanners the TSA lady told me to empty my pockets "they're empty" She patted my belly and directed me to empty all of my pockets.  I was appalled "That is a baby, there is really nothing i can do about that right now".  She was definitely shocked but con't on by directing me to put my hands in the air.  I obeyed but appearently not well enough as she told me to put them "all the way up" ... I don't know if you've ever been pregnant before but my response was not exaggerated as i told her i couldn't put them up any higher.  She was the nicest agent i've dealt with as she congratulated me and sent me on my way...  It didn't take long before my stomach muscles loosed back up.  At least with this agent, Patrick and i had something to make fun of instead of just getting frustrated.

So TSA is STILL standing up to my expectations and will remain on my shit list of companies/people that i will not support.

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