Saturday, November 21, 2015

Vinyl cray cray

OK. ok.  So i might have went a little over board.  My first project with my new cricut was label the machine with my name.  hahaha.  and then i vinyled my record player and then my front door. 

I will be getting permanent/outdoor vinyl on monday and then i can do our car decals and coffee cups.  Until then, i have removable vinyl for the doors and wall and windows and mirrors : ) lol.  Tomorrow i will start with the iron ons.  I'm going to label my circuit bag and my book bag and blankets and Auna's clothes. lol.  I love it.  It is just as awesome as i foresaw and i haven't even started on the projects that i have envisioned yet : )

Christmas gifts/project, here i come.  I need to go to the dollar tree and get coffee mugs and wine glasses and totes and notebooks and everything in between!  so stoked. 


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