Thursday, October 01, 2015

Mi famila

This page is being removed and combined with my about me page so here is the record of it:

First in my life is the man of my dreams. His name is Patrick. He is amazing.

Then there is My puppy dog, George. He is a great dane, clumsy, goofy, and down right lazy.

Next is my two girls, Lilly and Molly. Lilly is King Charles Cavelier Spaniel. She is fully lap dog and the sweetest thing on four paws. Molly is a Lab/Retriever. She is the most energetic dog anyone has ever met.

There is also Charli. Charli is now part of another family back home(due to my dumb ex-husband). However, i am sure he is still a mischevious little munchkin.

 That's right, i'm the crazy dog lady... but this is my family. Soon, i will be adding to this list. For now, it is my amazing husband and three dogs. 

 loveheartsduh BeeMo

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