Tuesday, May 19, 2015

We're back : )

The Caribbean was amazing!  7 days was just not long enough but yet i was completely ready to get home to my puppies!

 On our way there, in anticipation of arrival:

We loved our room.  It was a corner room which meant lots of 
extra space (not that i mattered since we weren't in there much):

At MOHO beach, the planes would take off so close 
to the beach that it would blow people into the ocean: 

The one picture i really wanted was with the monkeys:

Our goal for San Juan was to see the forts, we got a little distracted by 
the beach which was shortly followed by a walk through the ghetto:

Patrick's One goal was to see Margaritaville.  We went with our dinner 
table mates and they not only got to see, but conquored Margaritaville:

The flight back... a little longer than planned, 
here is the line of 40+ planes waiting in line to take off:

We might have spent a little more than planned in the casino, but it was well worth it and the entire trip was AMAZING!  Now we are both counting down to our next Cruise. 

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