Friday, December 18, 2015

Booming buisness

When i started this adventure, i had no idea how quickly it would take off!!  It's not full time yet, but there are regular orders and sometimes a list of them.  So far i am doing great at keeping the turn around down, but i know at some point my "24 hour turn around" will actually be 24 hours instead of my current couple hours. lol.

I made a Facebook page:  BF Designs
This seems to have been a great idea.  Within 48 hours of creating it i had 48 likes and a dozen orders through the page.  I am pretty stoked about how things are going so far.  

I still have a bit before my overhead is caught up, but it is going in the right direction considering how much i have to spend.  

I suppose it is time to come up with a logo.  I love the watermark i've used for this blog, but loft-apt didn't seem to really fit since i'm now married with a child.  I can't bring myself to revamp the blog because that is what it's always been, but i can start out with a classier name for this business.  I ended up going with BF Designs.  Now i just need to put it into a watermark : ) 

Bee Mo

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