Saturday, October 10, 2015

Survival (Part II, after birth)

Now... continuing from my last post.

I've never felt such a need for someone in my life as the moment i saw my husband and baby.

I saw them and my world was complete.

My baby was healthy, but not happy... she was hungry.

People make such a fuss about breastfeeding.  Although i ended up hating breastfeeding, those first few moments were the most natural thing in the world.  She was hungry and i had what she needed... and she knew exactly where it was.  The bond of those first few moments were priceless.  I loved holding her and her needing me.

The hospital had a 48 hour policy with first time parents... and they really wanted to keep an eye on baby and i and my infection.

It was really just a waiting game, but i was so tired and excited that those two days flew by.  I couldn't sleep because i just wanted to hold baby but i was tired i couldn't stay awake.  my schedule was all jacked up and i didn't care.

My temperature dropped. Patricks brother and his family came to visit.  someone from his work stopped by.  We changed diapers and ate hospital food... though those first few days i really couldn't eat much.

After the first day they took my catheter out and i started wobbling around a little.

We got scolded multiple times for dozing off with baby on our chests.

At one point, she went 6 hours without eating and one of the nurses told us we need to pump or formula feed... i told her to stuff it somewhere else.

She only lost a couple ounces the first couple days and when we rounded the end of 48 hours, her results came back that she did not contract my infection and we were good to go home.  We had to attend a really stupid parenting class where they told me i need to feed her and then told me i needed to close the door to feed her..  Needless to say i was ready to blow that popsicle stand and was glad to get home.

I still can't believe its already been two months.  It seems ages ago and there are so many stories i want to pack in...
My parents have come to visit twice.
The first time wasn't so great.  I was sore from my c-section but still stubborn and flipped a boat when my mother tried to tell me i couldn't vacume.. but it was nice to have them there to cook and hold her.  she has been an easy baby, but it was so nice for them to hold her.

At one point, about day 2 home, i lost it when i couldn't get in bed by myself.  I was so upset and helpless... but my awesome husband wasn't about to give up on me and waited patiently on me.

He also kept her the first week home... He would stay up all night because a) he was scared she would stop breathing or something and b) he wanted me to sleep.. thank GOD!

Overall, i hated the pregnancy, but the birth wasn't as bad as i expected and parenting is way easier than i prepared myself for.

There are a million stories and i could def make up some advice for you if you really wanted.
In reality:  There is no rule book, no right or wrong.  Everyone is different, every experience is different.

This is my story.


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