Thursday, May 21, 2015

Friends and family

I have already learned a lot in life, but it still amazes me when i see one of those life lessons flash before my eyes.

Take my friend Aprille For example...  We rarely speak, maybe once or twice a year, but we're still amazing friends.... or at least i would still consider her an amazing friend.   When my bridesmaids couldn't make it to my ex-wedding, she stepped up and was there for me.  Now, we've spoke maybe three times in the past three years, and yet she would still be there if i ever needed her.  She is just as excited as me about Auna baby and i would do just about anything for her.

Then i have my friend Sam, who after one disagreement unfriended me.  After a couple attempts to make contact, i gave up.  Then when things turned for the worst for them, they decided they wanted to be friends with me again.

It's amazing the differences.  Neither of them are alone.  There are a list of friends that i only talk to once in a while and i would do anything for and there are a list of "friends" who i wouldn't consider asking for help if i was dying and they were the last person alive.  

After all of the relationships i've had in life, i've learned that the real friends are the ones i would call family.... the rest are just glimpses of what you think is a friend at the time, but would never really be able to rely on.

Patrick says i'm too nice.  No matter how real a friend or how much they are just there because they enjoy the company, i can't help but be there.  I wouldn't give up my life savings for both kinds, i wouldn't risk my job or my life for both kinds, but i would listen to even the lowest of "friends".  One of the life lessons i've learned in life:  you never know where someone else is in life.  Taking time to listen to someone isn't taking anything from my life, and you never know what it means to someone else....  Why not just listen to them?  It doesn't mean you have to trust them or rely on them, but you never know what it could do for their life.... + Karma is a Bitch : )

 - Bee Mo

PS. I just ran across an old family portrait 
while looking back on old posts. 2010 
... Until Cerrin lost our baby, 
Stewart, when it was her turn for custody. 
haha.  How does that happen?

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