Wednesday, May 26, 2010

sex in the city

Night before last I hung with a dude from HS. . .
Last night, Jaci and I went to pinch, then we hung with a friend of a friend and two of his buddies.

Oh man. Oh man. 

Tonight Jacqui and I are going to sex in the city 2 and I am dressed to impress.  . . I’ve hung with her quite a bit lately and I love it.  She is defently pretty close to my best friend right now. 

Speaking of best friends.
I love how I have several best friends and they all have different titles:
Facebook wife: hoops.
Bto the ifenity F:  cerrin
Bestie:  Jacqui.

There are 4 of us.  Just like in the movie I’m about to watch. 

Speaking of…. My own movie wouldn’t be complete without a couple boys to thicken the plot..
That’s where Will comes in.  I love him, but I can’t do that to myself.  I have had three proposals called off, I couldn’t survive it again, little lone being left at the altar. 
Then there are all the guys that try to date me or try to woe me….. I don’t understand why, but they do and what they don’t realize is that I am un woeable.  In fact, I am so guarded that I would play any guy over before I would allow my emotions to make a decision for me and before I would let myself consider getting hurt again.  And that is final.
It’s just like they say in the movie:  I’ve been in a relationship with myself for 22 years, it’s about time I start consearning my self a little more with that relationship.

So welcome to the movie of my life.
Lovehearts and duh

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