Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pulling out the coozy

It’s muggy outside, about 85 degrees.  I went riding today, I wore shorts and a tank top.  Now, the sun has gone down and jeans are perfect, no jacket.  It’s right at that time when some people start to say that it’s getting hot.   I say it’s finally getting perfect.  I like pants, but I can now wear shorts and still not be even slightly chilly.  The breeze is welcomed instead of feared (like it is in the winter) and the sun actually feels welcoming instead of like a lifesaver. .  I want to go puddle jumping and frolicking.  I pulled a beer out of the fridge this evening and realized that I actually NEEDED a coozy to keep my beer cool  : )   it made me smile.   I love summertime and strawberry wine. 

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