Sunday, May 23, 2010


Seatbelts?  BS?   What? Seat belts and the people that say I have to wear a belt….
Last night, sat,  I went to bartend at a town-ie pub in Johnston city.  There was a lot of drama for such a small bar and the night ended with the parking lot swarming with police.  I’d had several drinks and so I decided to be a responsible adult and left my bike there and hitched a ride with CE.  Unfortunatly I would regret that decision.  As we got closer to Carbondale we came across a traffic stop. I ended up getting a seat belt ticket.  …..  Too bad I wasn’t on my bike that doesn’t have a belt.  
CE admitted to drinking while we were at work and so they had her take the sobriety test. While drunk she still passed it.   The ignorance that these cops support (giving me a seat belt ticket is riddiculus) was the same ignorance that managed to miss that fact that CE isn’t even 21.  
I have never been so infuriated.  Who do they think they are to tell me that I have to wear a seat belt…  I am an adult and I am not hurting anybody by not wearing one (even myself.)  …. And how do they expect me to wear a belt when I ALWAYS ride a bike where I don’t have to have one.  Next they’re going to tell me that I can’t drive cars that are painted red or trucks that are painted blue or a bike unless I’m a male 26 yrs old and 5’9’’ and between 185 and 298 pounds. .. .   Why don’t they tell me how to cut my hair while they’re at it or what color my belt has to be….. Come on people!  I was a responsible adult and decided not  to ride and how do I get repaid?  By getting a ticket.  I think this is riddiculus – what makes me even more upset is the fact that there is nothing I can do about it.   I spent 8 hours working and now I’m spending the majority of that money on a seat belt ticket….. and what happened to reason?  I thought they weren’t supposed to pull people over without reason – they pulled us over without any.  I can’t believe the audacity of our government and I can’t believe that no one is doing anything about it.   It embarrasses me to call myself an American, maybe I’ll skip on FL and move to Australia.
My state rep is Mike Bost….. But I have been informed that he’s not really in charge of the seatbelt laws… but that if I want to vent that he is the one for me to call.  I don’t just want to vent.  I want the people that passed seat belt law to know that they are dumb and deserved to be punched in the face.  I really wouldn’t mind be the one to do it. 

I suppose maybe it’s sec. of state, Jessie white, that is actually pushing the laws.   I will be sure to vote this next election…. And for ANYONE as long as it is NOT him.    In fact, you had better hope that I don’t ever meet him cause I will be sure to share a piece of my mind with him. 
 - - after some researching I found out that this is his last term.  THANK GOD! 

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