Monday, May 31, 2010

Barefoot Moscato

So I’ve become a HUGE fan of wine.
My most recently opened bottle is barefoot’s Moscato.
The thing with any wine is that two brands of the same wine will be two TOTALLY different wines. 
Moscatos have become a new fad.  The African American community has especially began to pick up on it (at least here in Carbondale)  Sutter home is the Brand that people really know – I think a lot of people don’t even realize that there are other brands that make moscato. Lol.   The sutter home Moscato is a very mellow, sweet wine.  Barefoot has a little bit of a bubbly to it.  Not as bubbly as champaign or even reunite’s lambruso, but defently just a hint of bubbly – when the glass is empty you can see the hint.  Though, it might just be the sweat from the heat..  It’s also a bit sweeter than sutter home.  A lot of moscato’s are super super smooth.  Barefoot, it’s not as smooth as most, but as different as it is, it still taste strongly of moscato.  While we’re on the the moscato topic – I had one the other day, A-MANO, that I consider AMAZING.  It only barely resembled that common moscato taste.  But it tasted a lot more like real wine.   It was still sweet, but it had more of the barrel taste that people relate to wine.  The thing with wine that most non-wine drinkers don’t realize is that it’s not all toasty.  Most people start with a Chardnay and then think that all wine is that dry.  Moscato is popular among “non wine drinkers” because a lot of cheap brands make it and it’s sweet.  While A-MANO is more of a real wine (not infused with Gallons of sugar)  and Sutter home will probably stay more popular than barefoot (because it’s much smoother and less sugary tasting)  Barefoot will defently be non-wine-drinker approved. 

Ps.  Is it bad if I pour my first glass at 10:39 ….. AM   : )  

For more information on barefoot, visit their website:

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