Monday, May 24, 2010

on life.

Rootbeer float.
Do you drink the rootbeer or eat the ice cream first?

“I’m gonna eat the first rose and then it’ll be part of my soul and I’ll have it forever and then no one else can get it”

They are now saying that lower sugar intakes will help lower blood preasure.  I say duh.   People who are overweight have always had higher blood preasure.  That’s always been kind of obvious. Lol.  I’m glad the big time doctors are seeing this now. 

They are always portrayed as beautiful and mysterious :  have you ever seen a fat vampire?  No, they’re always ripped and hott.

They don’t know how to fix their budget inbalance but they are wasting money on pointless traffic stops and ignoring the crime ridden parts of town and fixing roads that work just fine and wasting time arguing laws that don’t matter and ignoring the places that actually need the money.  … whats wrong with this picture?
IL can’t pay SIU the money they owe but the school is building a new football field and the government is going to pay for new fire alarms when the ones there work just fine, even if they are a little old.   

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