The oil spill.

 During an interview with the man in charge of the oil spill someone asked him “you guys made more the 3.4 billion in the start of the year, why didn’t you guys sit down and say ‘we are doing something really risky, why don’t we come up with a back up plan if something goes wrong?’”  and he said “we did, we came up with what we thought was a fail proof piece of equipment” … How dumb can people be?  That was EXACTLY what they said of titanic.    Why would you EVER say something like that after the titanic…. But then he goes on to dig an even bigger hole by saying that this is not a cotasrophy, he says this oil is just like dish soap and it will fix it’s self…. Our shores are covered in oil, oil that does not dissolve – how could he think that!? 
…. Just like our government, this guy is retarded.   And here people don’t know how our country is falling apart.  Lol.  I get it.  . . . ppl will disagree with me, but I think I get it. 


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