Monday, May 03, 2010

going public

This is normally a blog i would post somewhere other than here, but then i, for some reason, ended up posting here anyway....
So Will Stephens bought me an ice cream maker yesterday… I wish he would stop buying me stuff because that’s not what I need right now.  I’ know that he’s not trying to buy me over, but that’s what I’m starting to feel like….   If he wants to win me over he needs to do something a little more extreme than just buy me stuff and tell me he wants to marry me.  I need him to do something serious that proves he can commit to something….     But I know that he will never do anything  that is major enough to win me over.   I love will Stephens, but this isn’t how relationships are supposed to work. 

And now I’ve got an ice cream maker that I don’t want and a  500 dollar ring that I don’t know what to do with.  

I wish he would just make things easy for me.

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