Tuesday, May 18, 2010

personal night.

So I sat down last night to do my hair, lotion my legs and drink some wine.   I ‘d just finished the bottle When Spears and 3 of his friends showed up.    …   I was glad they came, but then I felt like a lush.   Then, about 3 Nic from walgreens showed up.  I gave him a ride back to work and was headed back home (it’s like a 2 block trip. Lol)  but then I got pulled over for speeding.  Then another cop pulled over to join us.  One of them was Jessie (who is pretty good friends with Will)  he asked me if I was still with will – which I am clearly not .  That set me off to crying.   They didn’t give me a ticket.  Today, I guess Jessie called will and told him that they were wanting to give me the sobriety test but Jessie told them to go easy on me.  ….   What a night.
It was another reason why I love will so much.  Even when he’s not there to take care of me, he’s still watching out for me : )
I already know my own group of people, but then with will I have probably doubled my connections.  I feel like this is bad:  but I think it feels really good when people say “hey, you’re will’s girl… right?”  Jessie for example – I think this is the fist time that I’ve actually seen him face to face and maybe even the first time Ive talked to him and yet he knew I was will’s.   It’s a strange feeling when people know you before you even know who they are….  But I’m def not complaining. 

So anyway.   That personal night defently turned into something interesting.  
I love hanging out with people, and I love how people know that they can just show up and I’ll hang.   Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to just spend the night by myself…. To just have that personal night and get be alone. 

When I was a powerlifter I always said I NEVER wanted to be famous because people think they know all about you.  There was once a time when a guy walked up and said “ hey you’re Brittany Moore” and I was like… yeah? And he proceded to tell me that “ I’m that girl that benches like 270”.  When I corrected him with 235 he told me “no… you’re max is 270, that’s what the paper said”  and then he wouldn’t believe me that I couldn’t lift much….. Everywhere I went I had to watch myself because I knew that someone there would know me.   I got tired of having a name to protect. 

I’m not really famous anymore since I quit lifting, but now it’s a different thing.  Whats funny is that even though I’m not famous, I still run into people who know me ALL THE TIME!  But it’s different now,   when I was a lifter I would have random people in walmart talking to me for like 15 min before they would tell me that they met me in the paper.  Now, if I walked up to someone in walmart and told them I was Beemo they’d be like “who?” “why do I care?”  I like where I’m at now.  I have connections.  I have people to hang out with.  I can get just about anything I would like.   But without all the groupies.   Without all the hard work of keeping up [with lifting].  Without having such a tight image. 
… oh and when I say without the groupies, I don’t mean fans -  I liked my fans and their support. 

Ps.  Ellen degenerous is officially my favorite show EVER….

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