Monday, May 31, 2010

22 and skipping town

It’s memorial day.  This is evening is gonna be a busy one for me.  LoCash is playing at 5 so hopefully I’ll get to hang out with Ryan Jones before they play.  I have to work at 5 so I wont get to hear them..  After work it’s Ryan Jacob’s Birthday and I told him I’d stop by. 

Two weeks and I turn 22.  After that, I think I might skip town and start looking for a job in FL.  I was thinking about spending July looking for a job and then coming back for my stuff when I find one… but 325 (my rent) is pretty high storage… but I guess then I don’t have to move my stuff an extra time.  My other option is to wait til my lease is up and then go to Fl and just put my stuff here in a storage bin which I hear is less than 100 a month.    I guess, if I’m leaving in 2 weeks I should start thinking about boxing up my stuff.  * sniff sniff *.  Sad face.    It’s getting about that time that I have to make a real decision.  I think I almost want to move to Texas, but I don’t know anyone there…. If I do that I’ll have to take a tent and camp out.  So I guess I’, gonna stick with FL for now.  The other thing is:  no one thinks I’m actually serious.  Everyone keeps saying “I don’t think you’ll actually end up going to FL.”  Will says “I think you’ll probably end up staying around here, just not with me”  … I’m the kind of person that comes up with crazy and random plans and then I end up actually doing it.  That is what I want to do.  …. I actually want to carry through with what I say. 

Now I just have to figure out what I’m gonna do when I get down there… Hot stew and doug have both said I could sleep on their couch.   I might just utilize both options : ) I don’t have any idea what I’m gonna do…. But I do know that I am TERRIFIED. 
So on that note.  I’m peacing out.

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