Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Text from last night

Monday night a friend and i decided to go out for drinks and ended up at a bar by the name of Global. It's a brick wall and chandelier type pub. With the dim lights and black wood tables, it has a very uptown, romantic, vibe.

Due to my cultural love and classy desires, i have been to Global on several occasions. The difference on this trip was the entertainment. The normally subtly exclusive music had been replaced by a "wanna-be, rap-ing, turn table". It wasn't quite my style of entertainment, but i was willing to stick it out and see what it turned into. To my pleasant surprise, my waiting paid off. It turns out that Monday night is poetry reading at Global.

There were multiple readings that, in my opinion, were more posers than writers... those were the ones that attempted to beep bop (the problem being that beep bopping is a form of black music and these guys were whiter than snow). There were 2 readers that both caught my ear... One went by Treesong. His was about the girl of his dreams. He did an excellent job capture the progression of their friendship and the things about her that catch his attraction. The other was a beautiful black girl who wrote about "texts from last night". She said she used a web site to compile it. Today, i googled the web site and found nearly all of it just as entertaining as her reading.

The overall reading wasn't epic, but i did enjoy the experience. It was your typical big city environment and that's not something you find very often in small town Carbondale.

As i've already implied, the "texts from last night" was the highlight of the reading. I feel you deserve a taste of my find online (warning: content is very questionable):

Am I the only one creeped out by the guy asleep behind our couch?

Hold on there are flying pancakes I can't handle this right now

The house is trashed, there is porn scattered everywhere like an easter egg hunt and the blow up doll is sleeping on the couch downstairs. someone covered her up.

we've had sex 4 times and he still refers to me as 'the chick in my chem class'

I take that as "no I'm not driving you to the bar in a blizzard"

Mark is going to get hypothermia. he is shirtless eating snow bc he "doesnt want to be dehydrated" tomorrow. youre in charge.

just stole 2 cases of forties from some freshman in the woods by pretending to be a cop. that ten dollar spotlight is really turning a profit

She didn't know my name but she knew I was Canadian so she just called me Canada. It sounded like the national anthem when we were screwing.

[voted best text ever by:  ME]
Escaped ambulance. Meet me at your apartment.

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