Thursday, December 02, 2010

clothes that just don't fit anymore

I have a picture cut out from marie posted on my door… it’s one of my favorite outfits.   She is wearing boyfriend jeans and a jean vest with high heals.   It’s adorable and tough.   Now it brings tears to my eyes.  I know that I don’t have any “boyfriend” jeans to wear.  No more wearing his shirts with tights.  No more lounging in his over sized sweatshirts. 

He texts and it’s all I can do to refrain from responding.  I’ll not be pulling out any avril style outfits with ties or wearing his ties as belts.  I wount be leaving my half way unwanted, bleached shirts at his house for overnight stays and all of my shirts that I bought to be hot, now hidden under layers with out any witnesses to what they look like worn without layers. 

There are so many “boyfriend” looks that can be rocked.  I wont be the one rocking them for awhile… at least not with any guy’s clothes.  Any boyfriend looks I pull out will be with my own clothing. 

To everyone else (other than myself):  rock away because the boyfriend style will never be worn old.  It’s hot and intiment and sweet and tough all rolled into one simple, comfortable ensemble.  Rock away.

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