Sunday, December 05, 2010

ignorant judgment

My mother displayed her ignorance to differences and prejudgment of indifferences again today.  It was as simple as a brown bottle being a part of my new wind chime.  The chime is simple… it is two glass bottles (labels removed) paired with beads and decorated with ribbon.   It’s got a very hippie, eclectic look.   Hanging from the corner of my back stoop, it caught my mother’s eye as she dropped me off from church.  “That’s some very interesting décor”  I knew exactly what she was talking about…. She assumed that the brown bottles were beer bottles and I wasn’t about to make it easy for her so I played dumb, asking her for an explanation. She didn’t really explain but just said “those beer bottles”.   They may be beer bottles, but drinking a beer is not getting drunk and I assure you she will judge deeper than just having a bottle on my stoop.  I looked at her incredulously as I lied that they were cider bottles (the kind that she drinks regularly).  The point wasn’t to make her think that I don’t drink, the point was to prove that she was way over jumping conclusions. 
This isn’t much unlike when she came over a few weeks ago…. As she walked in my back door she muttered that she was so sad when her eyes swept over the champaign looking bottle on my table….. as she judged me I turned the bottle, revealing the sparkling cider label.  (proving to her that it wasn’t alcahol. 

Over and over she makes assumptions.  Again and again she passes judgment on things she has no idea about.  She is the perfect example of the rest of the world.
It amazes me that people could judge and ridicule without any research into the people they are looking at.  

Yes, I drink.  Yes, i hang out with low moral people.  Yes, I have tattoos and piercings.  No, I’m not a bad person and Yes, I still love jesus. 
I live a life to prove to people that differences are not bad and that normal people can still be good people. 
The world can judge me, but the only judgment that will matter is Gods.  

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