Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Character: Andrew Wiercinski

Formal name: Andrew Wiercinski

Origionally from the Chicago area, he has made himself a regular Carbondalite.  

Presently Andy is one of the habitants of the roof, one of the common chill-out spots for our group.  He used to be really young and innocent but has recently left his shell behind and became quite the socializer.  He was once the president of the skydiving club.... now he is just a skydiving fanatic.  Along with a skydiving vice, he is also addicted to the Cubs.

Place of employment:  Sears
Most often participated in hobby:  drinking
favorite songs right now:  "At the beach", by the Avett Brothers and "The way you are", by Bruno Mars
favorite day of the week:  tuesday (dollar night at pinch)
Super power of choice:  technopath
If one of your body parts became magnetic and you got to choose: Right hand.
Most favorite thing in the world:  Cubs.

So basicly:  Andy is addicted to skydiving and the Cubs but is still super cool.
(so i'm not sure why i picked pink for that font color, but i felt like it fits Andy's random crazziness *big smile*)

Happy dollar night.

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