Monday, December 20, 2010

I like: things that remind me of coffee

Most people who know me, know that i love coffee. . .   I'm not a black coffee, caffein addicted, coffee lover.  I'm in love with photos of coffee and the smell of coffee and coffee flavored things and coffee creamer (yes, i do NOT like coffee black unless its the really expensive super flavored coffee)  
I love everything that is even kind of coffee-ish..... so of course i love this power adapter:

I found this power adapter on Hardware sphere apearently it is roughly 30 bucks on amazon... which i don't think is too bad for something so awesome and super useful at the same time.

According to "It can supplies 200W continuous/400W peak from your 120 Volt AC power from any cigarette lighter socket"
I'd bet even non-coffee drinkers would love it due to the easy fit into a cup holder.
I know if the rest of americans are anything like me, eventually their computer batteries crash and then it has to be plugged in to work.... those people can even plug in their computer to this awesome coffee cup : )

And of course, while i don't like black coffee, i do like anything coffee related and i do like coffee creamer so it goes unsaid that i still love coffee cups also.  The new fad - plastic or ceramic coffee cups to go:

My collection of reusable coffee cups to go is now to two since WTS just got me one more that is pretty rocking:

That's basicly my coffee hi for this morning.
While you're drinking your coffee tomorrow check out my morning coffee reads at: cup of jo

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