Monday, December 20, 2010

Characters. V.2

Formal name: Matt Altorfer

Torfer is one of my first real college friends that i met in college.  I met him my Freshman year in Carbondale and it wasn't long before i considered him one of my best friends.  He is the original occupant of the roof, where Andy resides.  Torfer and i share several common interest such as photoshopping, motorcycles, and chilling ... just chilling.

Favorite beer: Guinness and woodchuck mixed
movie genre of choice: psychological mind-bending thrillers/dramas
most used photoshop tool: "that's a tough one, burn tool, pen tool, layer masks...."
job title: professional business man?

Our last conversation:  Torf loves the color pink.  He also loves being crazy.   I don't know how many times he's ended up wearing my clothes.... my group of friends are wierd, i know, but that's why i love them.  So last time i was over he was going on about how he couldn't believe he didn't own a pink shirt since he really loves pink. That is why his most recent purchase is now a pink shirt.  

On the topic of pink shirts:  Torf pulls them off.  He looks good in pink shirts because he genuinly likes pink.  What drives me crazy is guys who wear pink to make a statement and not just because they like it.... back in high school it was a big craze.  "real guys wear pink" was a common shirt, but i hate that.  Guys who wear it in that statement normally look like jerks with their popped collars.  .... because of that, i'm really proud of Torf for wearing it and actually looking good. 


  1. awww this was awesome to read Bee Mo. Truthfully this is my first time checking out your loft page. sad but true. I was surprised to my pictures!!! and if I knew you were posting that pink shirt i prob would have tried to send a better one! lol. But I'm so glad I met you freshman year as well!! your awesome! and It was great to see you again!

  2. Thx :) I'm glad you got around to checking it out. I'm glad you liked this particular post!!