Wednesday, January 05, 2011

de standing

I made a very difficult decision yesterday.  After being engaged and with only one and half weeks left, neither has been there or even want to hear about it....  and they both told me they couldn't even make it the day before to the shower or bachelorette party.  So i decided to give the boot.  Everywhere i read says that you can't do that but i want this day to be the biggest day of my life and now There is a girl stepping up to every need and emotional support.   I was origionally gonna give both the boot but my local girl stepped up.  She knew i needed support and understood why i was hurting....  so i decided that she was a friend that i needed in my life.  The other one, from several states away, instantly decided this was my fault.  She didn't want to be there early or stay late and yet she is hurt that she isn't the one to stand next to me.

but i don't think i was wrong.  Her response makes me confident in my decision.   If she had supported my decision or decided to really ask me why i felt this way i would have wanted her by me.  The problem is that didn't care about how i was feeling or 

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