Thursday, January 20, 2011

Block party.

I actually know a few of my neighbors now and I’m excited.  One of them just moved in and I’m hoping to persuade him to hand of the decorating to me. Lol. 

The neighbor that I’m a little more ecstatic to know is spen.  I met him quite a while ago but it was only in passing.  Now I am finally actually hanging out with him….. and that is an interesting story.  I think he’s cool.   He’s a horrible influence, but as long as nothing gets too serious it will be a grand time.  One more steak n shake visit.  (hot stew…. Jonathan’s eating habits are nothing.)  So spen has a few more tattoos than I : )   and they’re all quite interesting, he also has a drinking hobby that can keep up with mine. 
…. Speaking of drinking,   I’m not working on memorizing the drinks at work so that I can test to be a bartender next time the opportunity arises.

So stay tuned because I’m pretty sure Spen will end up being an interesting (and good) chapter in my life.  

1 comment:

  1. glad you have found someone new to visit your favorite place to eat with.