Saturday, January 15, 2011

No boys allowed

Cheers to a successful girls night

I feel like there are several key ingredients to the perfect girl's night but most are not very surprising.
Clearly you need girls and NO BOYS.  The given is gossiping... mainly gossiping about boys.  Then there has to be some sort of fruity cocktail and cheers.  This is the part i'm searching for.   Drinks are pretty easy to come buy but the cheers is the more difficult part.  How do you come up with something short and sweet that has the real "bang" that everyone's always looking for?   I've been googling a few cheers so that i can always have something on hand. So far i am having trouble finding something witty.... but i'm on the hunt.

"No one dies a virgin, life screws us all"

and of course i've always loved:  "Heres to boys that we love and boys that love us but since the boys that we love aren't the boys that love us, screw boys and here's to us"

there's also the long time cheer that friends i share everytime.... after gossiping about pregnancy scares and people who are pregnant:  "cheers to not be pregnant."

and one unrealated that i love:  a girl without freckles is like a night without stars.

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