Thursday, January 20, 2011

pullin out the guns

I’m pretty pumped about working out again. 
I used to be a professional powerlifter, sponsored by Gold’s gym.  About a year ago I realized that I was just too burned out and distracted from it so I dropped the gym.  Now I am 25 pounds lighter and have found a much more attractive female figure under all the muscle.
After a year of not lifting, my body has finally eaten all the fat and has started burning muscle.  So I’m back in the gym.  I no longer have a 235 pound bench, but my 145 isn’t too shabby. I don’t have any desire to really compete again, but I do miss showing up the boys : )   However, I think I’m going to attempt to focus on abs and cardio this time around….
Speaking of cardio.  The doc Spacman triathalon is rolling around again soon.  With only 3 months til my yearly race, I think its time to pull out the running shoes.

Wish me luck

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