Monday, January 31, 2011

Mr Stanton.

The rest of the story:

Sat morning, 12:06, my bike got totalled.  i was not there.  I did not see it. . . .   but this morning i went to the tow yard to see it:

I let my buddy borrow my bike and when i woke up the next day it still wasn't back.  I walked to his house thinking he decided to just park it there.... even when i didn't see it outside his house i didn't even consider it was wrecked.  When he said he "had bad news" i thought he was joking.... then he looked up:

That's when i realized he was dead serious.

This entire experience has shown to me just how ignorant public officials can be.  The officer we dealt with was a man named stanton.  He was rude and ignorant, implying more than one false accusation.  When my buddy wrecked in the middle of no where he left to find help.  It took him a good 2 or 3 hours before he was home again and the passed out from exaughstion.  When he woke up a few hours later he called the police station.  When we went in to file the report He was given a ticket for leaving the scene of an accedient.... i'm not sure why they would expect him to sit there in the cold all night - who knows how long it could have been before someone drove by and stopped......  
but the story gets better:
After the report we called express towing.  The told us to come in the next morning to see my bike. 
The next morning, they told us they weren't open that day.
the morning after that,  i called and told them i was coming...... he took an hour to get to the office to let me in and then tried to tell me i wasn't cleared to see it.  I told him i wasn't leaving until i saw my bike.  
He asked me who the officer was and i said stanton, his response "that a good guy"  and i came back with "i could see why YOU would say that" (implying that i didn't like either of them) and he told me that "family normally does get along"     ahahahahaha... that would explain why they are both douches and both know it alls.   I'm just dumbfounded that there could be so many ignorant jerks in one town. 

So my buddy is quite sore and by bike is totaled, but i got an awesome piece of jewlery from my first bike:

a locket

Its made from the gas cap:  the key hole, a washer, the key hole cover


  1. It's not on my bike anymore :( i'm gonna go out there when it dries up and see if i can find it, but i might not have a bell! lol. that was the first thing i looked for when i saw it.