Tuesday, January 11, 2011

characters of bww

I’m not going to lie, the past week I’ve been neglecting my designs.   I’ve not done any photo editing or characters or interior design stalking. 

I’ve spent the past week building relationships with people from my new job…. The job itself is not my favorite ever, but when we are talking about my co-workers it is at the top of my list.

Tues- dollar night with Michela.   Micheala is a girl, but for some odd reason we have still really hit it off.

Wed- ran into a bunch of the cooks and 2 of the serves that date them.  I hung out with them while they shot hoops and then that night I ran into them again while I was hanging with Jess.   Jess is another cashier.  He’s a laughing type guy.  Total flirt, a little bit of a player, but a pretty cool dude.   I’m not sure why, but he seems to think that I’m super cool. We also all hung out with Josh (another server) who is a total man whore but still cool.  And  Nicole who hates everybody but is still amusing. 

Thurs –  I can’t really remember but I know it involved my new neighbors and having fun.

Fri – I hung out with sara from my old job at party city but also hung out for a short time with Chris (little man) who is defently crazy.   (maybe not mentally but at least wen it comes to hanging out)

Sat- slept.

Sunday night was spent with Jess, Chris, jess’s roommate.  This was an epic highlight of my week…..
As the night came time to end Chris crashed in my bed while the rest of us pushed the night farther.  Shylar ended up joining him and jess and I bailed on them… I ended up sleeping in shylar’s bed while shylar spooned with chris (mind you, they’re both straight)
The next morning :  chris “I woke up in a girls bed with a 6 ft man and there was no girl”

That night never actually ended as we hung out all day Monday.  It was almost 10 pm when I finally departed to hang out with a couple other friends and crash. 

So the summary of my week – I hung out with a lot of different people and made a lot of new friends.

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