Thursday, January 06, 2011

Time to find a new love.

As my most serious relationship is finally reaching closure, Im realizing how much I’ve learned.  I’ve basicly been married and had a baby.  I’ve been betrayed and I’ve been left.  I’ve been begged to and I’ve been yelled at. 

I don’t know what makes guys think they can talk mean to a girl and expect her stick around.  …. Or talk mean to her best friend and expect her to stick around.  …. Or talk to his ex and expect her to stay around …  or call her over and over again and expect her to come back …. Or continue talking to his ex and expect her to come back.

My most recent boy friend/ fiancé/ lover/ baby’s daddy is a great person.  However, he is not such a great significant other.

After the pain he has caused, I think he would be better off with the ex. 

On the topic of her:   I’ve never felt the effects of a home wrecker before her.  Now that I have I am thankful for the respect that I have for relationships. . .  because i see what whores homewreckers come across as. 


I've felt a lot of pain over the past 6 months or so, however i've also learned a lot of lessons.
I still love that guy.... probably always will.  The problem is that i know he's only going to hurt me again.  

I would like him to sweep me off my feet and run away together.   He's not ready to run away.   He calls me begging for another chance, but i've learned my lesson and i will NOT have myself hurt again.  

so now i'm moving on and trying to cope.  I've told you before that i lost all emotion when i  lost my baby,  i guess that is a good thing now.   I feel betrayed, but it doesn't really hurt like it would have 6 months ago.  . .   

I love that man.  Now it's time to move on.

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