Saturday, August 07, 2010

stalker goin down.

This is what i've become.  I wake up.  I check my email.  No messages.  I watch veronica mars and i watch some more veronica mars.  I check fb.  I check his fb (creepy, i know) sometimes i get up for lunch.  Sometimes i have an interview.  I come home and watch some more veronica mars.  check his fb again, hope for a sign.  Watch some more veronica mars. try to sleep but really i just stare at the cieling and pray.  Tomorrow, i'll wake up again.  I wish i could sleep forever but i know that that's not really an option right now.

Just like April, just like every other girl, It's hard to quit hopping.  to stop looking for a sign of hope is just as hard.  But it's over and i have to accept that.  I have to accept it fast because the depression is coming fast if i don't do something.

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