Wednesday, August 04, 2010

my face book status right now: got a job. had an interview. Got lost. got burnt. got another job. bartended. had another interview. got another job. set a time for another interview..... that's the summary of the past 4 days :)

The first job was at a hooka bar. I was supposed to start monday.
Monday i went to a bartending interview. They asked me to stay and work so i didn't make it to the hooka place. After bartending i told him i wanted to work biker night on tue.. so i stayed at the bosses spare bedroom and worked tue night too. I ended up leaving at 11 because there were 2 of us and it was pretty slow. Made it home about 3am.

Today (wed) I had an interview at 9 am (boy was i pooped) at wendy's ... they offered me the job. ..
.. They even gave me a name tag!

Now i have an interview with aldi's.
When it's all done with i'll probably go with Aldi's because of the pay and the benefits.
I love bartending, but this bar really isn't very stable yet and between needing money and some other circumstances - i need stable.

So that's the update on the work field. Hopefully by this time next week i'll have a set job and an apt:)

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