Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Diary

I've had a lot of people that are like "why would you use a blog for a diary when everyone can read it?!?!" Today, i figured out why:

I don't want to sit around writing to an inanimate object.

dear diary,
Oh sh*t. I have nothing to tell you that you actually care about because your just a book of paper that no one will read.... i wont even read you again. You will give me no feed back and if i do manage to write something good, no one will get to appreciate it.
ps. I don't have anything to tell you anyway...


But no seriously, If i post an entry in my private blog, at least i know it wont fall into my brother's hands.... It's locked up tight on some web blog that is managed by some old dude over in Asia or something. If someone does read it, they're not gonna know who Lisa malu is and if they think it's funny that I'm actually a secret agent - then cool, they can't do anything with it. and then when i post something that it's so private and i just want it in writing for the record, well anyone can see it and then they can tell me how silly i am that i want to live in a house made of peanut butter.

Just saying: I have a couple diaries laying around somewhere... i don't know where, i don't even know if they're still in my possession, i certainly don't remember what i wrote in them.

ps. shout out to natalie who rocks youtube check it out: communitychannel

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