Saturday, August 21, 2010

flikr find: boots

Cowboy boots are my favorite.  Any day you feel like that casual outfit is too boring you add fun and style with cowboy boots... and on top of that they add EVERY style.... fun, class, sexy, cute, they fit just about any goal you plan to achive.  You can wear them with dress clothes or jeans or a sun dress.... anything.   They are that perfect "yeah i'm a girl next door but i'm cooler than any other girl"

 Not only do they keep your feet dry in rain or snow, but they are CUTE!  

Now I'm a HUGE fan of boots if you haven't noticed.  They are so cute and make me feel like i can conquore the world (even if they don't help me spell. haha.)  They fit every style and fit any to any type of atmosphere.  They are accepted by anyone but yet stand out and give individuality.
I love boots.  they make me happy.

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